Friday, 3 February 2017

Room With A View

News from the North is that a convicted murderer from Scotland, Graham Coutts has decided to request a room with a view.

Cell With A View ... Scenic Of Course.

The idea is that having spent much of his prison time in Yorkshire England (where he admits the food is better), he now wants to see the 'snow topped mountain' hills of Scotland when he looks out of his cell bars. His 30 year sentence is hanging greatly on him, and besides his old mum has been travelling hundreds of miles over the last 14 years or so, in order to see him once a week for an hour and a half. So Her Majesties Prison Edinburgh with a view of the Pentland Hills would be just the ticket for them both.

Somehow it doesn't seem right that he should be able to move but the rules for transferring prisons are rather vague, and described as a 'compelling or compassionate' circumstance, and you can therefore bet that he will get his transfer one way or another.

This is particularly true when you consider that prisoners at HMP Grendon in Buckinghamshire have complained that their pet budgies are dying of heatstroke because it is too warm in their centrally heated cells. In their own in-house magazine called Inside Times many complained of the 'searing heat'. When you consider that many pensioners can't heat their homes, its perhaps a sad indictment that prisoners complain about being too warm.


  1. I think that one doesn't negate the other, if it's too hot in prison cells the management should sort it out and stop wasting money in overheating.

    1. They don't, but the fact that we can waste money over heating prisons, while those whose only crime is old age, can't heat theirs is a cruel fact of our society. Thanks for the comment Vroomfondel.


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