Friday, 3 February 2017

Passport Blues

For all of you who are still panicking over the EU departure (as if it was a bereavement), and for whom the loss of an EU passport is like identity theft …. Panic Not!

Panic Not .....

For apart from all the various dual national schemes available for each EU member country, there are also millionaire routes as well e.g. Invest around a million pounds into Malta, live there one year, and you qualify for citizenship on an EU passport. Alternatively if you rush over to live in an EU country right now … they may be willing to offer you residency in a few years .... or maybe not.

Of course, there are those democrats such as Tony Blair, who suggest that “we should keep our options open on the UK leaving the European Union.” because after the vote he decided that "if the will of the people shifts", as details of what Brexit means for the country begin to emerge, then, "Why shouldn't we recognise that?" ……… breathtaking hubris for a man who has been permanently damaged in the eyes of many for:

  • Opening the doors of unrestricted mass immigration into the UK (one of the drivers of Brexit),
  • His history of warmongering while in power, and destabilising the very region from where all the illegal migrants are currently claiming to be coming from.

So perhaps an unlikely purveyor of EU comfort for the (EU) passport less.

But for those of you who don’t actually have a spare million to get into Malta, or an Irish granny, or an Italian granddad, and who don’t really pin much hope on another referendum overturning the first one, there are still some compensations in the good old British Passport …. for instance this company says that the British passport is still one of the best in the world, with it offering visa free travel to over 175 countries.

Back To The Future?

This is maybe something of a crumb of comfort, for those of you who think that they are about to lose out on the chance to live and work in Ibiza (visa free) …. although personally I doubt that this is going to be a real issue for more than a few muppets who stand on hot street corners, giving out flyers to Brit tourists. Hardly careers abroad ... unlike those literate Europeans who fill our real jobs in the NHS or IT departments.

Many Brits lived and even worked in Spain and Greece for example, long before we introduced visa free travel in 1980, and in any case, the EU has several million of its residents living in the UK (3.3 million people born in another EU country who now estimated to live in the UK, of which 2.1 million are thought to be working), as opposed to the estimated 1.2 million million Brits living in the EU (only 800,000 of whom  are thought to be working), inside the EU.

Why would they want them to be on a visa here, if the UK’s workers were on the same over there? So just calm down and relax ….. it really isn’t the end of the world.

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