Friday, 24 February 2017

Never The Twain Shall Meet

This is why the migrant crisis will end in tears ....

This is a picture of a pro-refugee rally in March 2016 in London. All placards provided by the Socialist Worker party ... as usual.

Pro Refugee Rally In London

Noticeably, its a picture dominated by women's faces .... reflecting the equality and open society that has developed in Europe.

Now look at this picture of a pro-asylum protest by 'refugees' in Greece ....

Protesting 'Refugees' In Athens .... Same Day

Notice the difference? Yes, the second picture is composed wholly of a sea of Middle Eastern male faces .... not a woman in sight.

Those on the political left, who delude themselves that these angry young men will assimilate, and abandon their Middle Eastern views on women, into a liberal northern European stance, just by simply crossing a border, are dangerous fools.

One look at the mass sexual assaults in Cologne on New Years Eve in 2016, shows that men from these areas believe European women are open targets .... these men are virtually unemployable, and face a future drug dealing or in other criminal activities, always on the margins of Western societies, with welfare benefits not providing the riches they believe you get by living in the West.

A trouble stored up, is still a trouble ..... this is just a picture of many future problems being invited in.

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