Friday, 8 February 2013


Once again the Conquistadors of Argentina, who committed genocide on the native peoples when they conquered South America, are declaring that they will get the 'Falklands' back inside twenty years. My favourite quote from their strange foreign minister, Hector Timerman, was "If you ask the colonial people who came with a colonial power and replaced the people who were living in the islands, it is like asking the British citizens of the 'Malvinas' Islands if they want to remain British".

Now this is a man who was only able to return to Argentina after the British beat the military junta that ruled his country, and was the founder of 'Americas Watch', the western hemisphere chapter of Human Rights Watch. His Jewish family emigrated to Argentina in 1928, and in 1979 his father moved to the lands that many consider to be occupied Palestinian lands aka Israel, as what many would consider to be a colonist! So his hypocrisy knows no bounds, and his familiarity with the truth is even more shaky.

The Conquistadors founded Buenos Aires Colony

So as a member of the Spanish, Conquering, Colonialist, Conquistadors, who took all the natives lands and turned the natives into slaves, maybe I should ask the survivors amongst the original Amerindian's (Mapudungun, Quechua etc), if the Spanish should be asked to leave ...would he respect the human rights of the survivors of the Conquistadors?

After all, Buenos Aires colony, was established by the Conquistadors in 1536 before it suffered attacks by the indigenous peoples that forced the settlers away, and in 1541 the site was abandoned. It was re-established in 1580 after the natives were driven off ..... so who exactly is the representative of a colonial power?


  1. They are nothing more or less than scum. We should have propped up the Junta after the war and kept the Peronist leftists out of power.

    They are ungrateful for the fact that they could come out of exile or prison because the British still had the bottle to take their military dictatorship on, and save their country.

    1. The Islanders have practised something known as democracy and voted to stay British. Not that the conquistadors of Argentina will pay much notice.


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