Friday, 15 February 2013

Gorgeous George

This handsome fellow with the film star looks is one George Bennett, a 23 yr old Butcher  .... the photograph was taken somewhere between 1859 and 1876 in Bedfordshire, Great Britain.

George Bennett - Victorian Mugshot

Unfortunately ladies, all is not as it seems ...... firstly, I have cleaned  his coat in the picture above, which was a bit of a give away. ...

His coat was filthy

Secondly, the location was Bedford Prison .... the pictures were taken by a prison governor Robert Evan Roberts, to accompany written descriptions of felon, a man ahead of his times.

And lastly, 'Gorgeous George' here, was described as a man with bad teeth, and missing one of his little fingers ..... Oh and he was a habitual criminal specialising in poaching (presumably to aid his butcher business), but not above using violence if challenged. He had beaten up a policeman who had tried to apprehend him.

Still, its a striking picture, and he has the looks of a man for all ages, and would still be a real ladies man if he was around now (with the better dental care of course LOL) ......

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  1. There is no denying that he's a handsome rascal, even if he is abit of a 'bad boy.'


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