Friday, 15 February 2013

Gods Comment

With the news that the current head of the worlds 1.3 Billion Roman Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI is to abdicate on health grounds (rather than die, which has been the traditional route for giving up the Papacy), the world was stunned. Although not unknown, the last instance was 4 July 1415, when Pope Gregory XII resigned his office as part of a settlement to end the farce of the "The Great Schism" when there were three  rival Popes (two of whom are considered to be Anti-Popes). 

However, for several hours, no one really knew what to say ...... but one voice appeared to speak out ...

God Speaks Out

Now in an earlier age (or in certain areas even now), this would have been an omen ..... Christian worlds would have trembled, Crowns wobbled and Empires shaken .....

What a difference two hundred years or so makes ...... Thank God.

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