Friday, 1 February 2013

Fun Loving Criminals

State sponsored spying is now the Chinese stock in trade .... in fact so pernicious are they that they appear to be able to roam the worlds website, breaking and entering at will ..... the NY Times, NY Stock exchange, NASA you name it, they hack it.

Chinese Hackers See Every Keystroke

Their Government says its regularly attacked as well, and that they have made hacking illegal, so there, but the fact is that every tracking agency have been able to show that the attacks in the West occur with almost military precision from offices in China - starting at 08:00 am local time, and knocking off about 05:00 pm local time - regular office hours in Asia in fact.

Only the state could afford the resources to do this, and the targets, Chinese Dissidents, Tibetans, and various technical sites give the game away ..... If this Blog, never mind just this post, disappears tomorrow, you will know who to blame ..... no really, it will be just another bunch of fun loving State sponsored criminals.

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