Friday, 15 February 2013

Grand Central Station

There has been some celebration of the beauty of Grand Central Station in New York, and a bit of a campaign to nominate favourites kicking off  ..... with claims that Grand Central Station may even be the world's loveliest station. Well I don't know about that .... it depends on what your looking for, and after all, beauty is in the eye of beholder, as the other candidates indicate.

But I have to admit that this picture is breathtaking .........

Grand Central Station - New York

However, to me its beauty, is that its the setting for some of the most iconic 'Americana' photographs ever taken .....

Twentieth Century Limited
Train Strike
Waiting Room
Monroe at Grand Central

I defy anyone brought up in the American Century, to look at these pictures and not conjure up in their minds eye, images of Gene Kelly on the town, or the painting "Night Hawks" by American realist painter Edward Hopper.

That's the true beauty of Grand Central Station to me.......

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