Friday, 22 February 2013

Chinese Leftovers Anyone

Over the hill and on the shelf at age 27?

Seems a bit harsh and almost a bit medieval or Victorian .... but this viewpoint is apparently the 'Official' view of the communist and 'feminist' All-China Women's Federation, as espoused in articles and 'reader letters' on their website. In fact as early as 2007, the Chinese media started using the term "sheng nu" or 'leftover women' as an epitaph for those girls over the age of 27 and unmarried .....

What makes this even stranger is that this is in fact a re-emergence of pre communist social values in a country where girls used to be married by comparatively young ages ..... during the real communist era (when the ideology was actually believed by the commissars), the average age for urban Chinese women to marry for the first time was just under the age 20. But by the 1980's it had risen to around mid twenties and now it's... about 27 ..... but what's worrying the communist planners is that the "A Class women" - educated career women are those most likely to be unmarried after age 27.

Comparative Percentages Of Young Single Women

Its a little bit complicated, but they have a social theory that is based upon the fact that Chinese men won't marry women as successful, or worse, more successful than they are, so 'A' Class Men, marry 'B' class women, and 'B' Class men marry 'C' class women' etc etc leaving only 'D' class men and 'A' class women unmarried.

This is more than a little ironic in a land where birth control and sex picking has meant that there are 20 million more men under 30 than women under 30, and women are kidnapped for forced marriages in some rural areas .... they should be using the term 'sought after' not 'leftovers'

Of course in the West we have the 'D' class welfare women and not so many 'A' class women, so a lot of unmarried girls in that age group, but not many without children .....

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