Friday, 1 February 2013

Who Needs Enemies?

We in the UK have been much taken by the reaction elsewhere to the Cameron speech, vaguely promising a referendum on EU membership if (and there's a lot of ifs), he wins the next election, and if he can negotiate new terms of membership .... in fact he's tied now to hold it regardless, of the terms, because if they offer no terms we can't just stay in with no vote. However its the interference of our supposed friends which bugs me and many others in the UK.

Take the reaction in the US for example, one would suppose they would be sympathetic to the idea of throwing off the 'absolute Tyranny' of a foreign power' (well at least towards us thinking of it), but they have been lukewarm towards even the idea of the UK demonstrating democracy in action, with the President's press secretary, Jay Carney welcoming 'Cameron's call for Britain to remain in the European Union' .... however it appears that the US doesn't care what price we in the UK have already paid for membership of this political union (it stopped being purely 'economic' a while ago), but rather wants us to stay in just to suit US policy, by having us as their voice inside Europe, as one of the administration put it "a strong British voice in that EU. That is in America's interests. We welcome an outward-looking EU with Britain in it" ... not a care about us and what's best for the citizens of the UK.

Great Satan and Little Satan

Oh, and it helps that we fight alongside them in their wars across the globe ..... but hey, no need to harp on about that, better to just pretend that its the EU whose soldiers are dying in foreign fields across the globe helping them.

In fact such is the contempt for the UK, which is still the sixth biggest economy in the world, that one administration insider told the BBC that if the UK vote went against membership of the EU, then "what's the strategy for being out? Just trail around behind us?"

Well the USA should remember this, the EU is not NATO, and even NATO is not as reliable an ally as the UK ..... so don't piss off the best ally you have, wars can be lonely when fought on your own, as we found 1939 - 1941 .

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  1. The right to self determination is fundamental to the UN charter. So why is it that the British (or perhaps I mean the English ) are apparently excluded from this process?


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