Friday, 22 February 2013

The Emperors New Clothes

I love to laugh at the PC nonsense and its grip on the worlds media, but sometimes its taken to such ridiculous extremes that it's in the realms of the absurd .... take the treatment of the 'biological children' of Michael Jackson. The press treatment of this is like the crowd in the story about 'The Emperors New Clothes' ... the fact that he is actually naked, is only talked about by a little child.

So I am posting this as a proof positive that all the theories of genetics and inherited DNA are complete rubbish ... that a man can change colour, and therefore his children will be the new colour, and not some genetic inheritance nonsense. At least that's what the press in the UK and elsewhere seem to believe.

In fact, I'll go further and propose that Michael Jackson, or rather his children, are proof that Intelligent Design aka Creationism is the real deal ..... My Proof ? Well the very Caucasian looking Jackson children were in the news last week .... so why is that proof that genetic theory, hereditary traits and any other 'scientific' theory can't possibly be true (and incidentally that the Nobel prizes awarded for it should be returned)?

Well you take this Afro American boy .....

Black Michael Jackson

And he somehow starts to evolve into this ......kinda white looking.

White Michael Jackson

And he then dresses like a cowboy bank robber and marries her... a very white lady.

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson

And begets these ...... who look like a Mexican and two American white kids (like their dad was at the end).

So these three very non African American looking children, are the offspring of Michael Jackson. But this is what was to be expected wasn't it, because his skin had turned white, and this made him Caucasian, didn't it? ..... and therefore the fact is that he, Michael Jackson and his progeny, are the final proof, if anymore was needed, that all our scientific theories about race, colour, and inherited genetics are completely wrong.

In fact I'll bet that a DNA sample from these kids would not find much African DNA in them, so complete was Jacko's final transformation ... and that's the final proof that scientists have been wrong all this time.

The Surviving Jackson Five

I could wake up African tomorrow, who knows? .... just the intelligent designer. We still live in the time of miracles.


  1. There are educated blacks out there who must cringe at the fact that these kids are called 'Black' by the media and the ignorant. It's an insult to black people everywhere that white kids can be passed off like this.

    Al Jolsen and the 'black and white minstrels' must be laughing. They were banned by the BBC for being white people 'blacked' up, when all they had to do was leave the shoe polish off, and just say they were black!

    1. HaHaHa .... so they would have been the white, black, minstrels and that would be OK?

  2. LOL! Wasting your time with irony friend, they just don't get irony.


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