Friday, 22 February 2013

Religious Schizophrenia

Why do political runaways from countries in the Islamic world always run to western exile in a Christian country? .... Why not into other Islamic countries?

Iranians regularly demand refugee status from the Christian Americans, and Arabs usually end up in Paris or London .... so much so, that half the Arab worlds 'free press' is based in these two cities.

Muslims Love Europe Until They Get Here

Yet these are countries that they often profess to despise for their 'lax' western morals, or their 'easy' women, etc etc ......... what hypocrites they are, and where will they go when we have all been turned into Islamic countries by their co-religionists already here, who aim to conquer us by a combination of out-breeding us, and immigration (legal or illegal), over the next 40 years or so.

After all, they go to the mosque to pray for the worlds conversion to Islam, whether they are in the West, or in Tehran fact the creation of a world wide Caliphate is the aim of all good Muslims, but the only place many of them feel that they are safe from their religious 'brothers', is in countries that are not dominated by them.

Why Is Calling For Murder Not An Offence?

What a schizophrenic existence they must lead ..... proclaiming the superiority of Islam on every level, while trying as hard as possible to get into a non Islamic country, where they or their children promptly start to proclaim the superiority of Islam, and insulting Christians, all the while, violently attacking anyone who dares to question them or their beliefs, and then  plotting against any country stupid enough to take them in.

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