Friday, 18 April 2014

Armless Joke

David holding his gun .... but not the the one Michaelangelo may have envisioned so Italy is up in arms over his baring arms ... Yes this advert by Armalite, of Michaelangelo's 'David' holding an AR-50A1 assault rifle has upset the Italian Government.

Work Of Art, or Cheeky Joke?

Italy's culture minister has said that the advert was not only offensive but violated the Italian law as it has copyright on the commercial use of images of David. Luckily this is a non commercial site then ....

Actually what I found funny about this is that this is the same Italian government who are overseeing the collapse of the ruins of Pompeii ... where both the the United Nations and the European Union had demanded urgent action as walls collapse because despite funds from bodies around the world, the Italian government have misspent or 'lost' the funds ... aka corruption.

I can say this because last year, the €105m ($145m) "Great Pompeii" rehabilitation project was launched, with the EU contributing €41.8m. However, one Italian newspaper said that only €588,000 had been spent, and now the Italian Prime Minister is appealing for the 'Private Sector' to start repairing the heritage sites .... so this begs the question as to where the balance, of the fund amounting to €105.4m has gone?

I would suggest that the Italian culture minister look to where all the money goes in his department before worrying about adverts in the US.

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