Friday, 18 April 2014

Strippers For Good

We have already had strippers for god on this blog before, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by strippers for good .... Apparently Striptease performers in the Russian city of Rostov are 'donating their day's wages' (whether voluntarily is anyone's guess as its the owner who makes the press statements), to the restoration of a children's holiday resort in Artek, which is located on the Crimea's subtropical south coast.

Seemingly it was an old Soviet-era workers institution, which used to be a dream resort for the USSR's children. Sergey Semkin, the owner of a striptease club called 'Province', says he was shocked to see a TV report of how run-down the camp had become ... "I wanted to go there on holiday when I was little, but alas, this was not meant to be" - so he decided he would contribute .... well his strippers would.

He did however confirm that it is only the strippers 'wages' that will be donated - not the tips which make up most of their earnings, and this follows waves of 'voluntary' and 'patriotic' salary donations, from workers across Russia (including a days salary from councillors, officials, teachers, library workers and doctors in the Rostov region), following the return of the Crimea to the bosom of Mother Russia.

Strippers Heels - Deadly Weapons.

Funny how 'patriotic' the hearts of even the most mercenary of bosoms can be following a territorial land grab ...... but things might not have gone as well if the strip joint had been in the small Wisconsin town of Juneau.

There, in January 2013, at the gentleman's club known as 'Silk Exotic', two of the entertainers were arrested after violence broke out. The cause of the trouble was a single dollar. Apparently a Gentleman admirer handed one dancer a $1 note, as a perfunctory tip .... another of the dancers, who believed that her own performance was more worthy, made a grab for the note, and fisticuffs broke out.

Needless to say, both women ended up with a $250 citations for disorderly conduct from the Dodge County police. The sheriff, Todd Nehls told the local newspaper, the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen (yep, really!!). "I was surprised. We seldom receive calls for service from this business. This is a rare exception." Still if it might have been tough getting money from these two ladies for a child's holiday camp, imagine what it would be like in Texas, where stripper wars are common place.

'New Black Panther Party' activist Quanell X, defended an exotic dancer who beat up a fellow performer at the 'Millionaire Boyz Club' in Northwest Houston. Apparently the incident was filmed via mobile phones and uploaded onto the Internet, where it proceeded to go viral .... a few months later in an Austin Texas strip club named 'Hot Bodies', there was what was described by witnesses, as a '17-women' cat fight, that resulted in one male spectator losing his left eye, after he was hit with a high-heeled shoe, according to the local TV channel 'KXAN Ch. 36'.

Now as I believe that the Russian Strippers are at least a match for the US versions, I have to assume that the Russian ladies weren't asked about the wage donation, or all hell may have broken loose, and it may be that something round, but not an eye, that got stamped by a stiletto heel.

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