Friday, 11 April 2014

Italian Justice Sytem On Trial

The arrogance of the British courts over 'Human Rights' is breathtaking ..... they believe that not only can they discount the will of the UK Parliament, but also direct and bend to their will, any Country, or Ally, or member of the EU, for not living up to the standards of 'Human Rights' the British legal system deems as appropriate ....

It appears that the British judiciary and lawyers are the last place in Britain where imperialist ideas over the governance of the lesser races (those peoples who live in less enlightened countries, and who are not benefiting from the rule and leadership of English public school boys), is still practised.

So, following on from the ritualised humiliation handed out to Jordan, our ally in the Middle East, over the extradition of convicted terrorist and radical cleric Abu Qatada - court proceedings went on for years, with our courts and legal fraternity blocking the wishes of Parliament, and most of our population (the usual 5% objected, and would rather keep the terrorist in the UK), from sending a deeply scum-bag man back where he deserved - our lawyers and judges have turned their attentions and arrogance on to Italy.

It now appears, that in order to extradite criminals and fugitives back to Italy, the Italian government will have to embark on a billion Euro prison building programme, to ease overcrowding in their Mafia filled prisons. All because in a couple of landmark judgements by low level courts in the UK, where its been determined that being imprisoned in Italy will breach a criminals 'human rights', as determined by UK standards .... truly stunning. The arrogance of this is unbelievable, and the two recipients of these judgements, a Somali man, Hayle Abdi Badre who is wanted for fraud and financial crimes, and a Mafia man, Domenico Rancadore, who was convicted in 1999 of Mafia association and extortion in Trabia, near Palermo, must be smirking at the stupidity of the legal system in the UK. 

Mafia man - Domenico Rancadore  -
aka Marc Skinner - Nothing To Hide

No doubt the UK will now be flooded with anyone wanted for crimes in Italy, from fraudsters, rapists, murderers and the Mafia, all confident that they are can no longer be extradited to |Italy ..... quite amazing in its implications, and yet another illustration of the perversity of the interpretations of Human rights in the UK courts. It is also a decision that flies in the face of the European Arrest Warrant (aka EAW) which we signed up to in January 2004. It is based on the idea that all of the justice systems, in all of the member states in the EU offer due process, a fair trial system, and that these are of equal quality. In other words, you get as fair a trial or detention in prison in Italy as you would get in the UK.

Credit to the Italians, who not only have kept a dignified silence, while UK Human rights lawyers have slagged them off, but have also issued a fresh European Arrest Warrant from Italy. Mr Rancadore was re-arrested and was refused bail. He is now described as "one of the heads of one of the most powerful Mafia organisations in Italy"

Ironically of course the UK legal system is based upon Roman Law ..... but whatever happened to the oldest legal premise of all?

'If you can't do the time, don't do the crime' 

..... if you commit a crime in the country, then you should face the consequences of that crime by the legal system in that country.

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