Friday, 4 April 2014

The Scum Of Europe

Quote of the year contestant:

"The trouble is these terrorist takfiri [apostates] gangs sent by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, and behind them, the West is sending us their terrorists, the scum of Europe. They grow beards, but they have nothing to do with Islam. What kind of Muslim would destroy a mosque and desecrate the grave of a sheikh who taught generations of students?" 

He was referring to 'extremists' who believe Muslim society has reverted to a state of non-belief, legitimising attacks on other Muslims.

So who said it, where, and why?

Well the 'why' was that it followed the systematic and deliberate destruction of mosques,and burning of piles of Korans, which as we are all daily reminded by the jihadists in our own countries, is a sin, well for most Muslims, who would consider this to be the ultimate act of desecration, because they consider the Koran the sacred word of God.

Mosque And Koran Destruction By Muslims

The 'where' was in Syria, on the Iraq border where the jihadist terrorists have been wreaking their usual  mix of outrages, murders, rapes and persecution on the local communities. And the who?

It was the Kurdish community, many of whom who follow the 'Naqshabandis' 'Sufi' brand of Islam, which while not the 'Anglicans' of Islam (there's no such thing), are generally slightly more tolerant than many other of the 'schools of Islam', and therefore anathema to the Saudi inspired and trained terrorists.   

Still its ironic that Muslims in the Middle East, now fear the arrival of the  Islamic 'scum of Europe', radicalised in the Mosques of the West, on tourist terrorism jaunts, where they slip into war-zones, and feel free to commit acts of mayhem on the enemy ..... who are more often than not, their fellow Muslims, both Sunni Arabs, and the Alawites, and 'Naqshabandis' communities. This apparently is what passes for 'Jihad' amongst the attendees of the Mosques of Mannheim-Jungbusch, Amsterdam, Luton and elsewhere. 

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