Friday, 25 April 2014

Evil Bunnies

Consider the Easter Bunny costume ....

The Easter Bunny As We Normally Imagine Him
Now take a good look at these suited creatures .....

Evil Easter Bunny Costumes?

What they are, believe it or not, is a collection of "Easter Bunnies" from around the world, that kiddies are meant to sit on the knee of, and get photographed. Each of them originally had a very disturbed looking child on their knee, or next to them .... I removed the children from the pictures, to stop the NSPC from raising charges!!

Now consider the term "Leporiphobia" .... a fear of the Easter Bunny. A term I suggest that would never have come into being, if not for the evil minded costume makers who came up with this rogues gallery. 


  1. These evil bunnies go to show how difficult cute is, having presumably been made with that intention and succeeding like a Gordon Brown smile.

    1. "succeeding like a Gordon Brown smile" ....Good simile!

  2. Where's the new posts? I always take a look on Friday's.

    1. Sorry, I was tied up .... will be up later today.


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