Friday, 27 February 2015

Korean Kontrasts

If anything ever showed the sheer decline of North Korea relative to the rest of the world and its capitalist twin, its these NASA images .... where the The Hermit Kingdom lives up to the name.
Korean Kontrasts .... From Space.
..... it has no power, so only its capital is even partially lit at night These differences are illustrated in per capita power consumption in the two countries, with the South at 10,162 kilowatt hours, and the North at 739 kilowatt hours.

Korean Contrasts Since 1953.

Since they split as one nation and ended fighting in 1953, one state has gone forward and the other state gone backwards .... the GDP per capita figures tell you all you need to know as to why North Korea has not lights at night, and never will while the madmen are in charge.

It has to be said though, that an acquaintance who is a stargazer, said he would love to go there because of its lack of ambient light .... but he's not so keen on the idea of the lack of ambient heating though.


  1. Hi there. like the blog by the way. I read somewhere that South Koreans are an average of 3" taller than the North Koreans. It was because the diets were so poor in the north.

    1. Yeah, I read that somewhere as well. Its shocking how bad the regime is in the North. Thanks for the comment.


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