Friday, 13 February 2015

Re-animated Kremlin

The two Russian artists who were arrested after throwing holy water and shouting "rise up and leave" at the mausoleum containing Vladimir Lenin's tomb were taking a chance .... I don't mean from their inevitable spell in a Russian police cell or worse prison, where defending themselves from night crawlers of a different kind may take on a new meaning for them.

Raising Lenin

No I mean that these boys have given new meaning to raising the dead .... after all like the horror movies where the dead are reanimated but are full of embalming fluid, things can be very very wrong. Lenin's mad Zombie, un-killable and roaming the streets would be scary indeed.

Zombie Lenin Roamed Moscow

They claimed that as members of the street artist group 'Blue Rider group' the act, entitled "The Exorcist. Desecration of the mausoleum." was an attempt to rid Russia of its Soviet past, and "to demolish the myth that Lenin lives forever by attempting to resurrect him on the Epiphany holiday just as Lazarus was raised from the dead".

They said the Soviet past was beginning to assert itself in the present ... which maybe more scary for us than them.

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