Friday, 6 February 2015

Wee Went Potty Over This Idea

The non story of last year had to be when the students at the University of East Anglia were urged to save water by taking their first 'wee of the day', while having their morning shower.

The 'Go With The Flow' campaign was urged by two of the students, who said that if the 15,000 students carried out this idea, they would save enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool 26 times over. Its also been calculated that if an average flush costs 2p, then each participants could save £7.30 per year,by spending their first morning penny in the shower.

Nationally, if we all carried this out, then there could be significant savings of 720 million litres
annually if everybody in the UK took part, and financially.

  • £42.5m per year if population of East Anglia backed campaign.
  • £125k per year if all the UEA students accepted challenge. 

Peeing In The Shower ~ Its The Green Yellow Way

Now I have a few thoughts on this ....

Firstly; Since when did male (and probably some female) students ever not pee in the shower? I suspect that the savings might turn out to be a lot less than the organisers suspect for the student body.

Secondly; Given the fact that many of the future generation of students may be avoiding public showers, its perhaps for the best. What if this practise caught on for public second or third showers!

Finally; the other idea for students and the rest of us to save water and money, was sharing a shower .... something student couples already do ..... but .....  

..... I don't see how these two ideas are compatible, unless you quickly want to be a single student again.

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