Friday, 13 February 2015

Mobile Annoyances

One of life's more modern annoyances are ring tones.

We have all experienced that modern phenomena of the 'mobile' phone that is now immobile, and that is seemingly now permanently attached to its umbilical cord of a charger, and lying on an office desk. Its owner never takes it with them, so when the owners of these devices are away, the phone rings through its cycle until the caller gives up, only to retry 30 seconds or less later.

Modern Mobile Annoyances

But its not actually the ring tones themselves, which are often more embarrassing than annoying (speaking as a man who has had the Darth Vader tune as his phone ring for 20 yrs or so .... eek), but the other incidental alarm, keypad and alert tones, that some people seem determined to keep, or are too lazy to remove.

Recently I was sat next to a woman who was standing in the train aisles and who was texting repeated messages. She had her phone on full volume, and every press of the keypad produced a loud clicking sound. As she was a double finger speed texter, this meant that all around her were subjected to a loud cacophony of clicks and clacks. These were only interrupted by brief pauses while she awaited responses from her mails, and these were announced by a loud message alert, following which, another loud burst of the cacophony of clicks and clacks would ensue.

This lasted for about 30 minutes before either she ran out of people to text, or replies to respond to. It was, incredibly annoying and made book reading almost impossible unless wearing ear plugs ..... who would have guessed 30 yrs ago that I would be writing about this as an aggravation?

How the world has changed in my lifetime ......


  1. I've noticed the disappearance of ring tones on TV, being replaced with 'vibrate', a noise which annoys me about as much.

    I miss the few texts and calls that I do get due to the vibrate on my Wiko Sunset which makes the noise but doesn't actually vibrate? As it was difficult to find where to disactivate the factory vibrate at every touch (under audio settings [?]) when it was new, I'm not optimistic that I can solve this latest anomaly. It's no big deal though, because if it's important they'll ring back.

    1. I don't think my TV has ever rung me, let alone vibrated .... however for Android Phones: wiko sunset smartphone

      User Manual

      But at a guess in Android, get to the Settings for

      Haptic keyboard vibration feedback when typing on it:

      Apps > Settings > Language and Input > Keyboards > Preferences


      Vibrate On Messages:

      Messaging App (the message shortcut icon)> Settings Menu > Settings > Settings Screen > Vibrate – Notifications.

      Vibrate On Calls:

      Call App (the phone shortcut icon)> Settings Menu > Settings > Call Settings > Vibrate

      Or maybe ...

      Apps Apps Icon > Settings Settings Icon > Sound Sound Settings Icon

      It does vary per phone and the phone you have mentioned is new to me .... support line in Nigeria LOL.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I think that my phone does actually vibrate when it should, it's just that you have to be actually holding it in your hand with no case to feel it! Oh, these first world problems...

    1. First world problems eh? ...... I am still pondering the fact that you had noted the 'disappearance of ring tones on TV' .... but in the meantime if you go on Google Play Store and look for 'Vibrate tools' or 'Smart Vibrate' or ''Ring After Vibration' app's ... they are not sex toys.

      Maybe this is helpful ..... How To Set Vibrate

      But be aware that a stronger vibration means shorter battery life .... ah well, back to the normal first world.

    2. I meant on TV programmes. The ones I watch, Justified, Law & Order (Not Special Victims), etc. when a detective or sheriff receives a call their phone is on vibrate only.

    3. "TV programmes" ... Ah the penny drops ... mystery solved 'Law & Order style'. LOL


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