Friday, 13 February 2015

Too Sexy For My Shirt

The PC Fascist Feminist trolls of the 'Guardianista' left were out in force as once again they found an innocent victim and tore into him for not following their standards of 'acceptable behaviour'.

I felt sick, as a fine scientist was forced into a public recantation of a 'wrong', he had inadvertently performed against the women and sisters, who had been offended by ...... his shirt. Yes even a geeky man's fashion can be considered an affront to the wimmin of the left, and can cause the pack to circle until they get the blood letting that they need, as the sacrifice for their backing off.

This time their victim was Dr Matt Taylor, a scientist who gave a progress report on the Rosetta mission, as he was an integral part of the European Space Agency team that had landed the 'Philae' lander probe on to the comet 67P. A feat unparalleled in complexity, and that had taken 10 years to achieve, and that should have seen nothing but praise for this scientist .... but no, the feminist scientists and reporters chose to ignore the science and instead attack the man.

Never Mind The Science, Just Criticise The Shirt.

The Guardian newspaper's 'fashion desk' (you really can't make this crap up ... presunably they double as its science correspondents), pointed out that Dr Taylor's shirt’s print was of PVC-clad women, and this was soon followed by a critique of the language he had used .... he had described the mission as “the sexiest mission there’s ever been. She’s sexy, but I never said she was easy.” .... after that, he was considered fair game.

Alice Bell of the Guardian led the charge of the sisters .... it was she said symptomatic an issue with all the sciences ... 'it’s not just gender scientists are allowed to be clueless about. UCL recently ran a discussion on the history of eugenics research conducted there. As a speaker in the excellent Q&A which followed pointed out, for all the great world leading research at UCL, their eminent scholars are not trained to think critically about race.' .... have you ever heard such pretentious PC twaddle?

She of course wasn't alone (they do after all hunt in packs, often using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to anonymously troll their abuse), and soon Dr Taylor (whose own sister had described him as “useless” in everyday life), was under sustained attack. Sadly he didn't have the strength of character to to tell these feeble minded halfwits, to go take a running jump back into their PC cesspit,  and at the next ESA news conference, he felt compelled, or had been coerced into, giving a grovelling and tearful apology for his sartorial slip.

The Public Humiliation Punishment

Only once he had faced show trial by social and left-wing media, and then had been publicly broken in front of the world, were the feminists satisfied .... feminist science journalist Elizabeth Gibney said: “Said he made a big mistake and is v sorry. Then moved on to Philae science. Good stuff.”
Show Trials Follow The Same Format In Every Era ..

I repeat my charge that they are PC fascists ... the are too ignorant to realise how similar their attacks are, to the denunciations the old soviet regime press and prosecutors used in Stalinist show trials. It even follows much the same format, first come the imagined 'crime' (it doesn't have to be true ... Dr Taylors Shirt was not a criminal offence in any sense), then comes the 'denunciation and vilification' of the victim, and then come the public admission of their 'guilt',and appeal for leniency (which was never granted), and then came the sentence.

In this case his greatest life achievement has been snatched from him and soured, his reputation besmirched, and all so that a bunch of airhead feminists can feel like they are striking a blow for womankind.

'Good Stuff' indeed ....           

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