Friday, 16 October 2015

Animal Addictions

It appears that the wild foxes in many parts of the country are addicted to brake fluid. It apparently has a sweet taste (well to them), but the initial addiction is believed to come from the fact that their parents often bring back bits of rubber such as Wellington boots for them to play with, and they then actively seek rubber when they grow up. The most common source of this is the tubes on cars, and from there, they seem to develop a taste for brake fluid .... this is of course a dangerous addiction for both the foxes, and the humans, as the fluid is poisonous, and car brakes can fail after the pipes are chewed on.

Foxy Junkies Get Pretty Blatant

Of course other animals have their own substance abuse problems ...

Dolphins, who are often portrayed as very intelligent, will eat the poisonous puffer fish for its psychoactive venom, so that they can become inebriated on the small portion of poison that they imbibe. The dolphins are very careful to only bite off as much as they need to get the effect and not enough to hurt themselves. Being communal animals, and with about as much intelligence as teenage humans, they then pass the fish around the pod to share the experience .... much in fact like teenage junkies with joints in stairwells.

Everyone has seen the films of elephants and other fauna such as monkeys and baboons getting drunk on fermented fruits .... they often walk miles away from their normal routes, simply to partake of these forbidden fruits. In fact an African drink is made of the same fruit as elephants normally prefer to get pissed up on. Amarula Cream the South African drink is created from the same Marula fruit.

Drunken Elephants .....

On the other side of the globe, Australians wallabies, actively seek out wild poppy plants to gorge on the opiates contained in the poppy heads .... the results are predictable.

Finally, dogs who live in locations where the cane toad or other toads/frogs who possess toxic skins, are available, learn to harass certain of them until they release their glandular bufotenin, a form of the hallucinogen, DMT, which the dogs then lick from the amphibians skin to get high.

Dog Licking Frog .... Frog Lickin Good

Last word from the comedian who came up with "I know a man who is addicted to brake fluid ... he says he can stop any time" .... bah boom!


  1. I didn't realise that it was quite so widespread. I'd heard of bees and squirrels feeding on fermented fruit but it appears that they're all at it!

    A not so relevant joke :
    Did you hear about the guy who had a steering wheel stuck down his pants - "I can't remove it" he said "and it's driving me nuts."

    1. To paraphrase Cole Porter, Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it ..... No, not falling in love. Getting out their skulls, one way or another. Its not just humans.


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