Friday, 30 October 2015

Sith Lord Mayor

This story tells itself .... "Chewbacca arrested in Ukraine while campaigning for Darth Vader". They simply don't get better that that, not in my world anyway.

A candidate, using the identity of the most famous of the Star Wars Sith Lords, has been running in local elections in the city of Odessa, and his supporters have been a colourful lot to say the least ... in the past 'Chewbacca' himself, along with 'Padme Amidala' and 'Yoda', have all appeared on ballot papers.

Dark Lord Registers His Vote

It's thanks to the 'Internet Party of Ukraine' who, for a few years, have been injecting a lighter side to Ukraine's tense political situation, by standing in elections as various characters from Star Wars ... they even managed to find funds to get a full size statue of Darth Vader raised in Odessa. Although allegedly its a reworked Lenin statue.

From Lenin To Vader in 25 Years - Not All As It First Seems

Anyway Chewwie was seized by police for illegally canvassing on Election Day, and was told to pay a fine. It's claimed by the police that the man dressed as Chewbacca, had broken election day rules by campaigning on voting day.

He'd arrived at a polling station along with the candidate when the police stepped in and scuffles broke out .... just gets better and better. All this story needed was for it to have been in the rebel territory and it would have ticked all the boxes.

It's being reported Chewbacca was fined the equivalent of £5.00 ($7.50) and released.


  1. What was Chewbacca doing campaigning for Darth Vader? and who does want to vote for the dark side? This all makes about as much sense as a french Tampax ad.

    1. Not sure its meant to make any sense ... just be surreal or funny. They could sure need them in the Ukraine.


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