Friday, 16 October 2015

Race Crimes ... All Races

Apparently recorded hate crime numbers in the UK, have risen by 18% up to 52,528 recorded hate crimes in 2014/15. A hate crime in the UK is defined as an offence which is perceived to be motivated by hostility or prejudice towards someone based on a personal characteristic.

Race Crimes Are Not All Like This  ....

Eighty Percent of the reported crimes were classed as 'race hate crimes' the rest were a mixture of issues involving 'religion, disability, sexual orientation and transgender victims' .... strangely the religion aspect is not part of the race definition, as we assume that the 'victims' in all this are all black people or Muslims.

I say that because, amazingly the Prime Minister Mr Cameron, announced recently that "anti-Muslim hate crimes" will be recorded as a separate category, by all police forces in England and Wales. This is seemingly to bring 'Islamophobia' in line with 'anti-Semitism' attacks targeting Jewish people, which have been recorded separately by the police for some time.

So why is that? After all when Muslims parade the streets saying that all 'Crusaders', 'Kaffirs' or 'Christians' are to be burnt/killed etc, etc, are these not hate crimes? .... well oddly often they are not.

No Hate Crimes Here ...

So St Paul's Cathedral can be picketed by Muslims, screaming offensive insults every Christmas Eve, and no hate arrests are made. I on the other hand could even risk arrest on this small blog, if I don't chose my words judiciously (UK bloggers have been arrested).

Oddly the increase in anti-Semitism in the UK, has risen in line with the rise in the number of adherents to the religion of peace in the UK ..... coincidence? Well obviously there is no connection whatsoever otherwise the authorities would have acted by now. I am always concerned when the boot is put firmly on one foot .... we are drifting into a world in which only white non-Muslims are racists ... the attacks on others, by muslins or blacks, are somehow not cast in the same light no matter what the evidence.

So when a gang of drunken Muslim girls attack and beat up a white girl in a random attack, calling her a 'white slag' .... that wasn't a classed a hate crime. Ambaro Maxamed, Ayan Maxamed, Hibo Maxamed, and their 28-year-old cousin Ifrah Nur all admitted actual bodily harm, which carried a maximum sentence of five years’ imprisonment, but were spared jail, and were not even charged with race hate despite the language indicating that it was. Apparently being drunk was a good defence ...

When some Muslim men beat a man unconscious for drinking in a public house, or storm a London homosexual pub beating up the patrons .... those weren't classed as hate crimes either. Even when large groups of Pakistani Heritage men, groom, drug, and rape vulnerable white non-Muslim girls in many different towns, that’s also not considered a hate crime .... no one is charged with racially or religiously motivated crimes, even though race and religion were obviously a factor in the picking of victims.

In fact rarely is anyone from the Muslim or Black communities ever charged with a race hate crime, they just get charged with the assault, rape, murder etc ..... but no matter what, its not a race crime. It’s from this sort of 'positive, quota led' discriminatory police reporting and treatment of these crimes by the state, in the form of the Crown Prosecution Service, that extreme political group memberships are fuelled, and we are heading that way right now ..... as in all things, we reap what we sow.


  1. A very good observation. Of course these attacks on white people by Muslims should be classified as racial hate crimes and I don't understand how the picketing Muslims get away with inciting hate at St Paul's every year; it must be the same fear that allowed Pakistani gangs to rape young white girls in the North as alluded to in your piece.

    1. Our society was built of the rules applying to everyone the same ..... now they don't. We are pandering to one unpopular group who are slowly eroding our society values in order to accommodate them living here. Our politicians have never heard of Danegeld.


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