Friday, 2 October 2015

The Age Of Angry Dwarves

Angry Dwarves are not as common as they were in days of yore. Perhaps its just as well that Rumplestiltskin and his ilk are not so prevalent, given the behaviour of Mr Ian Salter-Brown in Hull. This 54 year old unemployed dwarf (with beard as well), is one bad mannered, gross and angry little blighter, and has the court appearances to prove it.

His latest rudeness would have caused even the most PC of the disabled lobby to pause. He had gone down to his local council offices in his wheelchair to complain about work done in his flat, which he claimed had left his kitchen surfaces eight inches too high for him to use.

Rumpelstiltskin Was A Fictional Angry Dwarf .....

At four feet nothing in height, he said needed his accommodation to be specially tailored to his height. When his complaints didn't get the immediate attention that he believed their stature deserved, he launched into an abusive tirade at the staff. Its fair to say that he is not one of those caught up in the PC culture, as he called one worker 'Gay', threatened to 'punch' another female worker, and told an Asian to 'go back to your own country' (or words to that effect).

He then proceeded to call all the staff "useless fuckers!". Before capping off this epic display of grumpiness, by pulling down his trousers in the council offices and, well to not put too fine a point on it, defecating on the floor. He then urinated in another area of the floor, and then proceeded to spread the excremental mess about the office.

Having gained the staffs full attention by now .... he pulled up his trousers and left the building. He then returned to his sheltered housing complex in Hull. He was not finished though as he then stuck a sucker dart on his head to impersonate a Dalek (from the TV series Dr Who), and after filling his mouth with dominoes, he started shouting, "Exterminate! Exterminate!" while threatening to kill his two carers. He finally returned to his flat and barricaded the door after they called the police

Later that rather busy day, the Sheriffs men came and a  stand-off ensued before police officers tazered him twice, before arresting him, and he was sent up before the beak.

Real Angry Dwarf .....

Judges have previously taken what I can only class as a rather lenient view of this foul behaviour, especially considering that Mr Salter-Bronmley has a string of previous offences for the foul language  (if not the defecating), and has verbally abused council staff and others repeatedly in the past. For example in August last year, Hull Crown Court only gave Salter-Bromley an ASBO after several complaints about his behaviour, in which he verbally abused staff at a shopping centre, and told a member of staff: "That is not a fucking breakfast. It is American shit."  ..... the judge on that occasion simply warned him that he must act in 'a civilised way in future, or risk being jailed for 21 days'.

However his latest string of offences, which started in September when he launched a tirade of abuse at two security staff and threatened to urinate on the floor in a supermarket, and followed up when he later threatened a woman on a bus, by pulling out a butter knife  .... stating that "if he was going down for killing someone, she was going down with him" .... he was overpowered by a passenger, and arrested.

But time has finally run out for this tiny terror, as the judge jailed him for 9 months, to give him "time behind bars to reflect and try to keep your temper under control", and to cap his problems, his wheelchair has since been 'stolen' or possibly lost, in any event its gone.

Sadly, it appears that the age of angry dwarves has gone  ......


  1. Are you saying that there is a shortage of angry dwarves? I have some sympathy for Mr Salter-Bromley who's most likely faced discrimination all of his life and feels invisible and powerless in a world built for taller and able bodied people. Whilst not excusing his actions, I can only imagine his frustration which obviously gets the better of him from time to time.

    1. I worked in the front-line of public services a few (many) years ago. I can assure you that behaviour like this mans doesn't usually require a height deficiency for people to behave as badly, and in at least a couple of cases, a lot worse. Frankly he is likely a very badly behaved and foul mouthed man .... his height may just add (or is that subtract?) to his attitude problems.

      A small thought, do the prison service cater for the smaller client?


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