Friday, 9 October 2015

Democracy Eroded

As I posted at the time of the general election, there is a fear that the mob is being allowed to dictate how democratic politics is conducted in the UK.

That fear was apparently realised last weekend, when a Rent-A-Mob attacked the Conservative conference delegates. The mob marched under the banner of a TUC anti trades union reform demonstration, but that was where the civilised behaviour ended. Many protestors then marched to the venue of the Conservative conference and abused, both physically and verbally, the delegates. Some of these protestors even wore pig masks, as they hurled eggs, and spat on anyone going in or out.

The Language of Debates In Britain .....

Some journalists were abused and attacked, a Labour councillor who works at the venue was called "scum" by a manic protester ... He told the press that "It's not a protest. It's intimidation". A delegate was punched in the mouth by a woman .... but hey, that's  the new democracy at work for you. Imagine though the righteous indignation and howls about fascism, if this was a far right group attacking Labour delegates?

The TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady could only bring herself to condemn the attacks on journalists as 'inexcusable', but only because many journalists are in trades unions themselves. No defence of democracy or free speech from her ... her only concession to free speech is for those who she agrees with.

This Is Intimidation Not Dialogue Or Debate ....

Jeremy Corbyn was there, but seemingly had no control over his supporters, with just a weak comment about 'not spitting'. It appears that many of his new followers believe that they represent the majority view in the UK. They don't, but whipped by the non stop coverage of Saint Jeremy by the BBC amongst others, they think that 'the future belongs to them', and so violence against the enemy is OK.

A line is being crossed in the UK, and unless it's stamped out by all parties, but particularly by those who represent the left, then the UK could end up with street violence as the determining factor in our democracy . ... is that what we really want?

Many who support the left generally, but not this violence, nonetheless stay silent, or offer mealy mouthed condemnation, hedged round with excuses. By doing so, they condone mob rule and we should all fear that.


  1. It makes me laugh that commie gangs are allowed to regularly smash up people and premises with nothing more than a fine. Right wingers go to prison.

    How can that be fair?

    It can't.

    But that's been the case since the 1950's and 1960's.

    1. I understand your point (I hope) I guess it was the winners make the rules ..... WWII determined which groups were 'acceptable' in the UK, such as left-wing groups. Right-wing groups were tainted. Strangely the further East you go in Europe the situation almost reverses. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Yes, terrible behaviour. I particularly don't like the use of that unsubstantiated accusation against David Cameron.

  3. The left don't always win when it comes to street politics. In Greece its an even split, and in the 1930's the gangs of the right won in Italy, spain and germany. Just because the left does better in England is not a reason why they should condone this sort of behaviour. In reality it has never been fully tested and the mobs who try to destroy democratic opposition while claiming they are defending something or other, might be surprised by how it turns out if this sort of politics becomes the norm for all parties and street politics in Britain.

    1. Well we had the British Union of Fascists or 'Blackshirts' in the east end of London in the 1930's. While left-wing folklore has them beaten from the streets, from what I have just read, that wasn't actually true except in one instance .... but the truth is never allowed to ruin a legend. Thanks for the comment.


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