Friday, 9 October 2015

Pissed As A Tinker Bell

There is apparently a new way of 'drinking' alcohol ....

An inventor in Bristol UK has created a new alcoholic 'sensation' in the form of a levitating but potent (and no doubt expensive) cocktail, which as to be 'licked out of the air'. Mr Francis, has claimed that just 4 drops atomised into the air in front of your mouth with your tongue out will get you drunk ....

This Girl Struggled With The Concept ....

Hmm, he perhaps doesn't know the sort of drinkers that I do. Most them could accommodate at least 10 pints (or perhaps about 10 shorts) before exhibiting too many issues of being drunk ... still I am prepared to accept that atomised alcohol (in the form a fine spray) might get into your blood stream faster, but still, 4 drops of even 100% proof liqueur isn't going to impact a dog, let alone a drinking man.

The New Drinking Method Wasn't Popular With Some Drinkers ...

There is also the problem of strangers Bogarting your drink for example .... do you suddenly want your tongue colliding with a strangers tongue when going for your drink?

I suspect that this will not take off real soon .....

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