Friday, 7 July 2017

Dirty Arab War Hots Up

The fierce social media war between Qatar and Saudi Arabia has intensified, with residents of each state attacking each other over the internet... and competing for ways to show loyalty to their own state. Baby naming is one such way e.g. a Saudi national has named his new baby girl 'Al-Saudia' in response to a Kuwaiti father who last week announced that his daughter would be known as 'Qatar.' (noticeably its only girls who can be given stupid names, whereas boys remain as Mohammed's).

But it seems to have gone extra dirty, when this picture started trending around the Arab world ....

Plane At Ben Gurion Airport ....
..... What? You cant see what's so offensive or dirty about this picture?

Well that's probably because your not one of the followers of the religion of peace ....

If you were then you would know that it would be virtually a sin, and haram (forbidden), for a Saudi plane to land at an Israeli airport .... Muslim intolerance of others might be suspended when it deals with most infidels, but not the state of Israel ... and therefore if you are a credulous believer, you would find this image shocking and believable.

Especially as in May 2015 Hi Fly, a Portuguese company that had leased a Saudi Airlines plane, had taken it to ..... yes you guessed it, Ben Gurion airport. The Saudis were outraged and cancelled the contract with the Portuguese company that had offended them ... so this latest image had some Internet legs.

So the Saudi regime soon issued the denial image ....

Saudi Denials Were Not Very Convincing To The Arab World ....

Of course the supposed original picture was soon found elsewhere on the Internet ....

The Original Israeli Plane At Ben Gurion Airport ....

... or is that the fake?


  1. "Credulous believer" - Tautological tautologiness, plane and simple.

    1. Well in this case it definitely was plane and something ...


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