Friday, 7 July 2017

It Could Have Been Worse and Other Shorts

Trust the perfidious French to take advantage of any situation. Iran has just given out its first oil exploration contracts since sanctions were lifted under the Obama nuclear deal.

China And France Share The Spoils Of Obama's Diplomacy ....

So of course, the French, who have once again kept a low profile whenever we clash with the nuclear ambitions of rogue states, gets awarded the £3.9bn deal (alongside a Chinese company). What strange bedfellows these arrangements throw up. France, China and Iran marching boldly, arm in arm towards the future.

Ah those little Russian republics, what would we do without them when looking for a laugh? This particular republic is a new one on me Bashkortostan .... let me guess 'stan' means 'pure' and 'Bas' is Turkic. So we looking at a Muslim republic of Turkic origins .... just looked it up and its also known as 'Bashkiria'. Sure enough its a majority Muslim republic with a well developed economy based upon oil and manufacturing ... however its not got such a well developed sense of public responsibility. A group from a wedding taking place in Sterlitamak decided that they wanted some unusal wedding photos, so regardless of the current terrorist concerns they decided to let of smoke bombs in the streets of the town, presumably to create a moody background for the wedding photos. This brought the busiest part of town to an immediate standstill as traffic was halted .... the police were involved but apparently the wedding party were just told off.

He's Armless ...... Mostly.

'It could have been worse' was what the American tourist attacked by a crocodile at a lake in Cancun Mexico should have said. Whilst he is unfortunately in intensive care in a hospital, following the attack in which he lost an arm .... as he was in fact, urinating into the lake waters at the time of the attack, he could have lost a lot more than an arm.

Spanish police made an unexpected discovery while searching for a body of a missing person. They found no body, but instead uncovered a cache of weapons from the Spanish Civil War of the 1930's. This is of course still a sore subject in Spain, so the find had interest from both sides of that bitter argument. However whilst the police and army recovered 538 mortar shells and 60lb (pounds) of explosives from the riverbed in Monreal del Campo, they had not said whether this was a republican or nationalists weapons cache. Some wars take a long time to finish, and others never really stop.

That old black magic hasn't got Singapore Prime minister Lee Hsien Loong in its spell and in fact he has no icy fingers running down his spine. He has told his MP's that he has no need of 'magic properties' in order to perform his duties and that he has not therefore abused his powers in relation to an alleged housing scheme scam involving his siblings .... what a shame if the jewel of the East, the Lion city, has slipped into the same corrupt politics as its near neighbours .. the People's Action Party's first prime minister (and founder of Singapore's success), Lee Kuan Yew would be turning in his grave.


  1. The croc raises the question; what would you prefer? - to lose an arm OR the other body part to which you delicately referred?

    Me? I usually respond "neither" to these hypotheticals, which isn't playing the game. It probably depends on the day that I'm asked. Today, perhaps I'd lose an arm - the left one as apparently I can choose!

    1. Well the left one of any set of bits is not something I would like to lose ... but I get your point. Better a bit you don't use as much, which I guess includes handling the indelicate parts the victim retained.


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