Friday, 28 July 2017

Lurking Under Societies Surface

The NHS is Britain's great social melting pot. Certainly from my observations, about 40% of the staff are born overseas, and about a quarter of its recipients are seemingly also born abroad.

Five Hundred Thousand Dysfunctional Families In UK .....

But it's also the only place outside of the more fleeting brushes on public mass transport, where the social classes meet for any length of time. So for instance the UK's substantial underclass, a group who rarely get a public face, partly because of Britain's shame that 70 years of social policies to eradicate such backwardness, have palpably failed, get their voice in public medicine.

This can make for some unhappy scenarios. The professional class bumping heads with the proles is not always a savoury sight.

Those urbanised labour socialists such as Jeremy Corbyn or Diane Abbott (who I doubt have rarely, if ever waited for medical treatment and indeed may not be aware that it happens), would cringe at the behaviour of what are essentially their parties legacy.

For instance into the ward where I was recuperating, there was introduced the product of a Labour Party council ward. He was a self proclaimed "ex" heroin addict who liked the word 'f*cks, f*ckers,' and 'f*cking hell' as his way of articulating his life.

I say "Ex Heroin Addict" because he was still on methadone, and was put into the ward for disruptive behaviour in another treatment bay. He and his visitors were believed to be behind a number of phone thefts and alcohol drinking incidents outside the hospital gates.

Well you might have well as dropped a turd into the drinking water with his arrival. Bad language and whining complaints about his medical treatment became the day and night normality. All this while he was still meeting up with his cronies 'for a ciggie' and injuring himself repeatedly.

We were warned not to leave simple valuables lying around. He was also heard to make arrangements for some of his friends to meet his supplier for a deal. He even then was heard to say that once he got a stash he could dispose of it amongst the hospital inmates who had similar issues.

Ah well. Most of us avoid these people like the plague but they are alive and thriving amongst us, and like cockroaches will no doubt inherit the earth.


  1. I do wonder how much of this backwardness is really down to political strategy. Even in a Utopian society I don't think that our species will be rid of the tailgaters, the conspiracy theorists, the religious or the Jazz aficionados. Not every person raised in poverty becomes a criminal and not every privileged offspring is a Tory.

    1. I once (in a life long ago), worked for the Social Security Dept and there were sink estates even back then. Third generation single parents were not uncommon.


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