Friday, 7 July 2017

Our Friends In The Middle East

The news that Saudi Arabia is alleged to be the biggest exporter of illiberal and bigoted ideologies in to Britain is hardly news at all. In fact it's better described as "olds".

Saudi Influence Is Via Money And Hard-line Ideology.

This is because it's been known for at least a decade (and in all likelihood several decades), that they have been exporting Wahhabi ideology to the rest of the world.

Ironically of course they are currently in a diplomatic row with Qatar over the Saudis claims that Qatar allegedly supports terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere. Not that Qatar and the other rich oil gulf states are not equally culpable, as they were also named in the report by The Henry Jackson Society think-tank, as also being responsible for exporting extremist ideology to the UK.

Typically the Saudis have denied it, citing the terrorist attacks on its own soil. But rather like the Pakistani army, whose sponsorship of the Taliban in Afghanistan has led to countless US, UK and NATO soldiers being killed, they have found that these groups aren't really controllable. So the Taliban attacks Pakistan, and equally extremists attack the Saudis.

Bush Family Fortune Tied To Oil Interests .....

The fact is that if it wasn't for the Bush family connections with the bin-Laden family, the Saudis would have been named and shamed after 9/11 as the world's leading exporters of extremist ideology. As it was that family connection meant the US invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq to counter extremism. Both of which were complete red herrings, as it was oil rich Saudi Arabia which was and is the cockpit of Islamic terrorism.

And that's the key. Oil. If it was the poor desert country it should have been, then the West wouldn't have been turning a blind eye for decades to the Saudi crimes against its Western 'allies'. It might have been Realpolitik to have done so, but it wasn't real intelligent.

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