Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Good, The Bad And The Saintly

Now that I have given Portuguese policing and drug policies a kicking, heres the lighter side of the week.
A skateboarding Cow, is leading the Forca Portugal party
This is a life size (and more than lifesize?) Red Indian
in a shop window ... no shame :-)
Matts bar has the laziest bar staff on the strip
(trust me, if you ain't got tits, you ain't getting a drink)

Libertos outside disco is a fantastic venue (and not LOUD!)
And finally ................ What can I say, living legend!

Sir Cliff Richard .... having a "Summer Holiday"

Not a bad week, despite the "Charley salesmen"


  1. The Indian dude called Willey Coyote?

  2. HA HA .... well he's certainly "got wood!"u


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