Sunday, 10 May 2009

Pakistan Cricket Board Blind To Reality

The Pakistani Cricket Board are to sue the International Cricket Council, because it decided it wasn't safe to play any of the Cricket World Cup matches there in 2011, and so rescheduled them to India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Now, considering the fact there was an attempt by Islamic Terrorist to wipe out the last visiting cricket team, Sri Lanka, and the virtual collapse of law and order in all the 'tribal' and border areas of Pakistan. Plus the fact that on Saturday, the Reuters news agency quoted the Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani as saying that the current conflict with the Taliban is "a guerrilla war.....this is our own war. This is war for the survival of the country," you would think that the PCB would be a little reticent, but all is not as it seems.

Ostensibly the PCB claim rests on the argument that when Pakistan lost the fixtures, then so should India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, because there was no proper security assessment of these co-hosts of the 2011 tournament either. It almost sounds plausible, in a glib PC sort of way, but any examination of the facts shows that once again Pakistani chauvinism is behind this claim.

  • India: True it was the target of terrorists, when more than 170 people were killed in attacks on the city of Mumbai. However all the attackers came from Pakistan.... despite Pakistani denials and attempts to blame others.
  • Sri Lanka: True it has been fighting Tamil separatists, but its fair to say that at the current time the terrorists are all but beaten.
  • Bangladesh: True it has militant Islamic groups, but every Muslim, and many Non Muslim states, have these groups (tolerance is not much of a Muslim trait in today's 'militant' Wahhabi funded, times). However there is no ongoing war inside the country, and its last elections went relatively smoothly.

Ijaz Butt
PCB chairman Ijaz Butt said .... "We believe that more could and should have been done to review the actual situation to deal with the matter on a non-discriminatory basis."

Well I have just carried out a non discriminatory survey above, and Mr Butt you are very aptly named.


  1. They are in world of their own .... which they want to ram down our throats as well.

    The PCB is no diffrent from the rest oof their governement ... corrupt, blind to the truth and arrogant in their demands.

  2. harsh .... but probalaly true mate (or matess).


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