Friday, 8 May 2009

PC Driven Health and Safety Culture UK

Two Police forces collide with the modern culture, and public safety loses:

A Police Force has abandoned its motorbikes force because the Health and Safety 'Red tape' surrounding their use has made it no longer worthwhile sending them out. A study had found that police officers using them were "particularly vulnerable to collision". senior officers have insisted that the move to sell off all the motorbikes will "maximise officer safety".

A serving police officer, who was not not named in the reports, said: "I guess with all the health and safety red tape surrounding the police service these days their days were always going to be numbered. It's a great shame we won't be able to use them any more – cars just aren't the same. Maybe they'll offer us push bikes instead – as long as we can produce our cycling proficiency test certificates, obviously."

And following right along from that story, a police officer in a different force, refused to pose on a stationary push bike for some photographs, because it hadn't been assessed for health and safety risks, and besides he hadn't 'passed his cycling proficiency test' ..........

To be fair Pc Cobban said that he was only following orders (not that that old Nuremburg chestnut!), which state that staff who have not taken the proficiency test exam (a course taken by thousands of schoolchildren every year), are banned from using a bike.

"It was basically a health and safety thing. I was just being cautious as I haven't passed the cycling proficiency test," he said. "My personal view would be concern if anything happens to me while on the bike and it hasn't been risk assessed or insured – in this day and age you have to cover all bases. It's the way of the world. I could get on the bike but I'm not massively proficient."

If ever there was a sign of how far we have crumbled under Labours PC driven Health and Safety Regime, its with these two stories ....... one can hardly think of anything to say. All I can ask is if there needs to be a Health and Safety survey before police tackle burglars, or enter a crack house, or tackle armed robbers?

If this is the 'thin blue line' (now on a health and safety clipboard?) that's all that stands between us and the collapse of civil society, then 'God help us' because this lot no longer can do the job.


  1. Totally unbelieveable, except that it is beleivable because even 'egg and spoon' races are 'banned by H&S people.

  2. Hi Vera, sorry for the delay responding, I don't look for comments often.

    H&S is like an illness; even British troops have to have an assessment before fighting!!


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