Saturday, 16 May 2009

"So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!"

No, its not the end of the road for this blog, but we are taking a break to the sunnier climes of Portugal, for Sun, Beer and Football watching (in hot and sticky bars), so there will be no update for a week or so ..............

Hopefully, Manchester United will be still be World, European, and Premier League Champions, or I will be too hung over to care one way or another LOL.

The Quote? Oh that's a book by Douglas Adams


  1. Well, they are still English Champions, and if they do the business next Wednesday they will still be World, European, and Premier League Champions (plus league Cup and charity shield holders?)

  2. Get away with yeah. Yer just runnin out the country to avoid being found out you claimed to have your moat licked clean by the local Polish immigrants.

    Have fun in Portugal, I'll be suffering on Sunday, and best of luck for next wednesday, you may actually be playing a proper team for once.


  3. Hi Kev and Anonymous .... Beer Sun and Footbah as they say in some climes.

    hev the dreaded text of support will be coming on Sunday, although as my drinking buddy is a geordie, I may have to pay attention to his suicide attempts on Sunday :-)


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