Sunday, 10 May 2009

In A Hole? Then Stop Digging!!

There is an old adage that "If you find yourself in a hole, then stop digging!", and some MP's would have been better to have remembered that.

Ms Blears, who has increasingly come to this blogs attention, was proclaiming yesterday (along with all the others), that she had 'broken no rules'. But today, increased attention to her practice of "flipping" (transferring the status of various homes, from 'Primary' to 'Secondary') in order to maximise her claims, has uncovered that fact that she may have avoided paying "Capital Gains Tax" on the £45,000 worth of profits she pocketed on the sale of one of them.

If Ms Blears had kept a lower profile, she may have remained hidden in the pack, but her voluble claims that she had done no wrong, have caused a deeper investigation by the press that has uncovered other details on her claims.

The Mail on Sunday newspaper has said that Blears avoided £18,000 taxes by her practise of 'flipping' and that by doing it three times in one year alone enabled her to to claim up to £20,000-a-year for each property. They then allege that only last week, when the expense claims were being first revealed, she had claimed to only have ever owned a small flat in London, and that she still lived 'mainly in Salford', but they state that 'Land Registry' records revealed, that since becoming an MP in 1997, Miss Blears had owned three flats in London, and had sold the first two at profits.

She now 'lives' in a flat in Clerkenwell, Central London, worth about £500,000, but despite claiming thousands in subsidies on it, none of her neighbours who spoke to the newspaper could recall seeing her there...... oops!

The Sunday Express features a call for Ms Blears to resign from former independent 'anti-sleaze' MP Martin Bell who is quoted as saying “I would have thought that Hazel Blears should resign. To claim public money against three homes in one year, is beyond carelessness.”

He added that there were now "scandals of shamelessness" among MPs, and he has claimed that "If our Cabinet ministers worked for a private company or public corporation, half of them would be out of a job this morning. They would have been shown the door."

"Their employers might then call in the police. The politicians will claim, as they always do, that they acted within the rules – rules that they created and they police. But the common thread is an expedient switching from one residence to another of the property that they designate as their second home."

Another minister, Tony McNulty is having his claims considered by the Police, after they had received a complaint that Mr McNulty may have "obtained pecuniary advantage by deception".

And so it goes on and on ...... drip, drip, drip, and sooner or later there is going to be someone who will resign (there is surely someone with 'honour', even amongst this self serving bunch of 'chancers').

The Labour party should by any rights be politically 'dead', but there are enough PC lefties in the UK to keep them afloat, but one man is going to carry the can for this fiasco.......


  1. Enemy at the gates18 May 2009 at 12:55

    Would you vote for this man?

    What a face, only his mother could love it.

  2. Well he is married, so lets make that "only his mother and wife could love it" ..... thtas fair enough I reckon.


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