Saturday, 16 May 2009

Local Naming and Shaming

The fall out from the MP's expenses scandal just continues to rumble on. In a spirit of enquiry, I checked out some of the local MPs, and found that they are just as grasping as any others.

Here in the Northwest of a Small Island, the local Press have illustrated their MP's claims, for example the Blackpool Gazette has said that Fylde Coast MP's (a small stretch of coast, here in the north west of the island), have all claimed up to the hilt.

Lancaster and Wyre MP Ben Wallace claimed £175,523 ($266,110.42) which is the 4th Highest claimant in Parliament) and Fylde MP Michael Jack has claimed £122,476 ($185,685.86 ).

Blackpool North and Fleetwood MP Joan Humble claimed £143,792 ($218,003.05 ) while her Blackpool South Labour colleague Gordon Marsden claimed a total of £138,008 ($209,233.93).

None have escaped the scandal, Conservative, Liberal or Labour, they have all abused the system to one degree or another, if not the rules, then the spirit of those rules.

Time for change, and an ending of the whole corrupt system.


  1. Scumbags, the whole lot of em.

  2. Couldn't agree more ....... the morals of tom cats.


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