Sunday, 3 May 2009

Inequalities Of Thinking Bill

Sticking to my Harriet Harman theme ..... (sorry readers).

Once again Harridan Harman has come up with a cunning PC wheeze .....exposing the gender gap (women get paid less than men) even though legislation already exists to stop employers paying women less than men in the same job (except where work bonuses make a difference).

How Women See The Wage Gap

But that's not the point is it?

I mean what she's getting at now is that, if for example, you had a company of 15, comprised of 13 women on the factory floor, with just two men, serving as sales manager and a CEO director .. and the women were all on £18,000 (average £18,000) but the men were on £36,000 and £50,000 i.e. an average of £43,000 pa then there would be a "gender earnings gap" which is illegal, somehow, even though they are not doing jobs of equal worth to the company ... comparing apples and pears.

There's no doubt that many jobs will cease to come to the UK because of this kind of 'thinking', but then new Labour are small on jobs in the private sector, and big on jobs in the public sector. How stupid is that? Only Harriet Harman (and a certain kind of PC warrior), can see the point in this kind of cr*ppola, she presumably thinks that 'wimmin' should just get paid equal pay for doing lesser skilled jobs.

Has this idiotic minister have any idea of 'market worth'? i.e. that workers get paid less than bosses for a reason?

Obviously not .... but then she was only a lawyer, a profession where ability or worth to the company is not always the driver for incomes. Ministers rarely get selected for brilliance (PM's don't want talent in the cabinet, just time serving obedience), so she is unlikely to have found that the driver for her own or her colleagues incomes.

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