Friday, 5 August 2016

Dumbest of the Dumb

This blog has recorded many a stupidity, often by people of authority who really should have known better.

These have been across the globe, but lets be honest, it is often from the lands where comedians are thin on the ground, where the best laughs have come ..... radio controlled spy sharks, vultures, pigeons and squirrels are just a few of the tales that the lands of the uneducated scholars have made us laugh at over the years.

However I hold my hand up with this story ... they have simply blown every other stupidity into the water.

This one comes from the Anti-terrorism Court in Karachi, Pakistan and involves, senior Judges and Anti-Terror experts .... supposedly 'educated' men, at least by local standards. So when during a hearing, the Judge asked investigation officer constable Abil Abid about how an explosive device actually worked, you would expect that there would be a sensible explanation with diagrams and power-point presentations etc .... sadly not so.

The Mask And The Suicide Belt Should Have Given It Away ......

The constable offered to give a 'practical' demonstration and they all gathered around him .....

Following the large explosion, five men were injured, including the constable, the judge, and a county clerk. The noise was so great that the police and paramilitary forces surrounded the area as they thought it was a Taliban attack.

The Kaaboom .....Was Probably Not Unexpected.

This has to be as dumb a thing as anyone could do ..... Who needs the Taliban with friends like Mr Abid?


  1. 2 bags of hammers? In any case Mr Abid doesn't inspire confidence in Pakistan's anti terrorism service.

  2. hammers??? I am not sure what this is? .... I rather suspect Mr Abid doesn't inspire confidence in anyone anymore.

  3. I was trying to describe someone who was dumber than "Dumber than a bag of hammers".

    1. Right you are ... not one we use so much up north. Sorry I didn't get it mate.


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