Friday, 19 August 2016

One Fat B'stard

A lorry driver in Kings Lynn was found guilty of mowing down and killing a woman police officer because he was looking at a text message. He had already had convictions for drink-driving and for using a mobile phone while driving. However, he had not apparently learnt anything from this, and had continued to ignore any law that didn't suit him.

Now, because of his total willfulness in learning nothing from his previous convictions, a woman is dead, a family shattered ... and if he has any conscience, then he will be ashamed. But somehow I suspect that he isn't bothered at all .... except on how getting caught may impact his own life. Plenty of tears for that no doubt ...

One Fat B'stard .....

He hasn't been sentenced yet (why I have no idea ... he has killed someone for gods sake), but luckily, even given our archaic treatment of road deaths as somehow, not being murder, he is to be given an immediate custodial sentence. Which must be some sort of satisfaction to the family.

However there is some other good news .... he is an immensely fat, lazy tw*t, and so the rest of can take some hope from the recent medical reports, confirming that inactivity and lack of exercise, kill more that the weight itself.

White Matter Loss In Fatties .... Like Old Peoples.

So if there is any real justice, perhaps this man will be gone in just a few years. Sadly the fact that being overweight, ages peoples brains, is more likely to be part of his defence teams mitigation pleas in this case, because one look at him suggests he's got the brain of a senile 70yr old.

Motor vehicular deaths, where there is obvious causality through illegal activities should be murder/manslaughter ... simple as, because it has the same impact on the victims families and friends.

Its ridiculous that in the 21st century, somehow its not treated that way.


  1. The fat f**ker got just 6 years. He is only 28 years of age. He looks 58 going on coronary.

    1. Really 28? I would never have guessed from that picture. Thanks for the update.


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