Friday, 26 August 2016

Edinburgh Fringe Reviews 2016

Yes its that time of year again, and we at PC Towers are just back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As usual we are giving you a review of what we saw - which was a reduced itinerary this year ... we ain't getting any younger folks, and anyone who has done the festival can vouch for how tiring it can be.

But of course other reviews are available, and these are just personal observations by a few of the audience. Five stars is excellent - Three stars is good -  One star is very poor and No star ... well lets not go there (you don't want to be that act!!)  

The acts are listed purely in the order in which we saw them:

The Kagools: 3 Star

Silent physical comedy act featuring two (kinda) strange girls - it was entertaining enough, but not enough to recommend that you see them specifically. Its not clear if they have another (non silent) act, or if this was just a bucket list kind of event to tick Edinburgh off.

Cheekykita .... a near miss?

Cheekykita – Tittitutar Town: 3 Star

Character clown comedienne - rather like The Mighty Boosh in concept, but frankly a bit under scripted (relying on dialogue improv), and with only one person in the act, relied heavily on dragging in members of the (international) audience. This makes her comedy a bit hit and miss, especially at a festival where many won't get the allusions or the language.

Der Kaiser of the fringe ..... always funny, often challenging. But always one of the best stand-ups in the country. A must see if you ever get a chance.

Very disappointing multi-handed play on Enid Blytons 'The Famous Five' type of adventure. Plenty of scope for double entendre's etc and rehashing of 1920's values etc, which by the way, we have seen some great examples of over the years e.g. Austentatious. All missed in this production by a poor script, bad line delivery (bordering on incoherency), lack of sets in a large venue, and overstretched jokes. I spent a lot of time wishing it would just finish ..... not one to go off on.

Sleeping Trees not Sleeping Dogs.

We saw them as 'Mafia?' Then 'Western?' and now 'Sci-Fi?'. Truly excellent, and sadly listed as ... the final chapter. Everything some of the other acts have missed. Well scripted, rehearsed, very funny and delivered with impeccable timing. A laugh from start to last.

Bob: 3 Star

Energetic company performance (on a vaguely Shakespearian theme ... so they could reuse the same costumes from their two earlier fringe shows?). Was reasonably delivered, but having the audience on both sides of them (rather than straight in front) meant some dialogue couldn't be heard. Without this limitation this might have marked higher.  

The Beach Comet company perform a musical and slapstick comedy performance ... got stronger as the piece progressed, and but for a slightly laboured start, would have been five star. Got a big ovation from an enthusiastic sell out crowd.  

George Egg: Anarchist Cook: 3 Star

Novelty comedy act. The idea is cooking in a hotel bedroom, using just the things provided e.g. Iron. trouser press, mini bar, kettle etc. Plenty of patter, and even some cooked food at the end .... entertaining enough hour.


  1. PC Views : 5 Star *****
    Good to see that Herr Wehn is still disproving the myth of the humourless German, or proving the one about their efficiency and superiority!

    1. He's a totally efficient laugh maker, or 'Vorsch Sprung Durch Lachen' as he might say.


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