Friday, 5 August 2016

Religious Reporting Politics

There are times when I despair of the BBC and its reflex PC defence of Islam and its followers  ...

Yet Another Islamic Bombing  According To Headline ...

  .... no matter what the event, the words Terrorism, Muslim or Islam must not be visible together.

The story contained the truth buried inside it ....

The Reporter Knew This Was A Religious Crime ...
Even when its the mass murder of Christians ... Self Censorship rules are applied on the main news page, as neither IS nor the Taliban apparently have any religious motives.

Two of The Three Headline Stories Are Terror Related From One Religious Group

Only when you get to the main story the next day, do the BBC change the headline to match the truth.

Finally Some Sub Editor Admitted Nature Of Outrage ....

The attack on the Christians was aimed at children .... it killed more than 70 people, which included  many children, and has injured at least 300 people, with officials saying they expected the death toll to rise. Whoever sets the news policies at the BBC should be ashamed of themselves. Why is Islam given this constant protection?

Compare how the same news reports dealt with a massacre of Muslims during the Balkan wars in which at least 100,000 people died on all sides.

This Religious Crime Was Classed A Genocide

Its headlined as a 'genocide', even though it was really just more ethnic cleansing (which all sides practised in that region during the wars).

So doesn't an attempt to kill a large number of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group, religion or nation, such as Islamic attacks on Christians, not also warrant the headline term 'genocide'? or is that only reserved for Muslims killed by non-muslims?


  1. Yes, I agree. It's as important to attribute political or religious intent as it is to not attribute it when there is none.

    1. Too much misinformation which we can all see through, just devalues confidence in the news organisation. The BBC is letting its own concerns cloud truthful reporting. Playing with fire for a publicly funded organisation where many would prefer not to pay the licence.


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