Friday, 26 August 2016

Fringe Benefits

One of the fringe benefits of going to the Edinburgh Fringe in August is that there are a plethora of jokes doing the rounds. I noted a few of the shorter ones being passed around in a few of the pubs (where else? ... well the newspapers as well), and here they are:

  • My dad suggested that I register for a donor card ..... He's a man after my own heart.
  • I've been happily married for four years ..... out of a total of ten.
  • I went to a pub quiz in Liverpool but as I had drunk a few too many pints, I wasn't going to be much good in the quiz. So just for a laugh, I wrote 'The Beatles' or 'Steven Gerrard' for every answer ...... I came second.
  • Why is Henry the eights wife covered in tooth marks? ...... Because he's Tudor.
  • Is it possible to mistake Schizophrenia for Telepathy I hear you ask.
  • Hilary Clinton is about to show that any woman can be the President .... as long as their husband did it first.
  • I'll tell you what's unnatural in the eyes of god ...... Contact lens.   

Masai Graham - Winner Best One Liner Edinburgh Fringe 2016 ... Guessed Which One?

..... have a good day!


  1. Which one? Well my choice would be the telepathy one but I suspect it wasn't the winner.

    1. Right .. you were wrong. It was 'My dad suggested that I register for a donor card ..... He's a man after my own heart.'

    2. That's a good one too, I did say that I was in two minds about the schizophrenia one!

    3. Are you sure about that?

      NB: I am assuming you have been away on holiday again Vroomfondel ... nice time?

      No comments for a few weeks posts were a clue LOL - pity, there were a couple of posts you might have opined on!

    4. The inverse actually, I was too busy to comment although I did read and appreciate the posts.

    5. Well that's twice I have guessed wrong ... so I won't speculate about your activities again LOL. I have enjoyed my fortnight off and have shaken off my ennui of earlier but could do with being retired now LOL .... sadly a few years away yet.


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