Friday, 19 August 2016

The End Of Things (Kinda):

I have been in a strange mood recently, and I am not really sure why as nothing much has altered in the last few months. Sure I am getting older, but then aren't we all? My health is OK ... not great, but OK, and I am not suffering any particular strains or worries (certainly not financial or emotional ... the two that normally trigger mood fluctuations or stress).

A Weird Mood?

So why the weird mood?

Perhaps, despite all our best intentions, as we get older we slowly see the world from another perspective, and these view changes come in fits and starts. Or maybe I am just bored and a kind of lethargic ennui has crept up on me. I am currently in my second longest employment, and longest ever continuous role . I am considering a dramatic change in this status at the end of this year, and even if I don't, then in any event, a major transport dislocation at the end of next year on my commuting route, will very likely drive me to make the same contemplated change then .... whether I want to or not.

Still in the meantime, I am find it a strange struggle to fully connect with the world I am currently living in, and I travel through each day, rather like a zombie, barely registering their passing, nor really caring all that much. Don't get me wrong, I am not working badly, but rather, within myself.

I guess its just the old joke "I get in this weird mood where I don't want to talk to anybody and just want to be left alone. I call this mood 'Awake'."

Weirdness Abounds .....

I am not even sure why I am passing this mood on in a post, but perhaps it will catch the strange Zeitgeist of someone else's moment ... If you are going through something similar, then sadly I can offer no miracle resolution to this feeling. Perhaps its just a case of mild depression .. a flatness that will pass if we get a spell of sunshine.

But in any case, as I am on holiday soon, maybe that change will prove to be enough to shake it off.


  1. Know how you feel. Life can be boring.

    1. Yes it can be .... but its not exactly what I was feeling. Thanks for the comment though.


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