Friday, 12 August 2016

Your Never Too Old

The 'life begins (or ends) at 40' story, attracted much comment when it came out. Basically for those who never caught it, the great British public were asked what and what wasn't acceptable to those who reached the age of 40, via a survey sponsored by a retirement company.

Granddad So Wanted To Be A Hipster, It Hurt ....

So apparently, by the 40's a person should:

  • No longer getting new tattoos.
  • Not wearing mini-skirts (women presumably).
  • Holidaying in Ibiza.
  • Stop watching 'reality TV' (if you ever bothered).
  • Going on lads (or 'ladettes') holidays.
  • Wearing football shirts as a fashion item (that includes you scousers!).
  • Listening to BBC Radio 1.
  • Wearing 'Skinny jeans' (if they can still get into them).
  • Men should not be sporting long hair (including pony tails for men).
  • Women should stop wearing Bikinis.
  • Going night clubbing (by age 44).
  • Going to music festivals (by age 45).
  • Using Twitter (by age 47) and oddly,
  • Using Facebook (by age 49).
  • Oh, and give up wearing trainers by age 49 as well. 

.... But, The Grand Kids Bike Didn't Fit The Hipster Image

This bit of age fascism was determined by 60 per cent of those surveyed. Apparently 62% of those surveyed said that they cringe when they see 'older people' wearing clothes that are too youthful .... 'mutton dressed as lamb' is the term that comes to mind.

However, as is always the case with these surveys, there is some contradiction .... so while three quarters of us think that old people are acting younger than ever before, some 82 per cent think this is OK .... that's big of them!

Age is nothing but a number, and the number of us who are older in the population is growing all the time as the Baby Boomers reach retirement ... disgracefully. So speaking as one who is in the foothills, and facing the first steps into those mountains from which none us return ..... sod off and leave us to get on with it.


  1. 'Geriatica', a new country that's sweeping the civilised world.

  2. Yes this is no country for young men if I am getting your allusion. The western world (well the white part of it anyway's), is getting older and around 18.5% of the total UK population is now over age 50 yrs of age. Thanks for the comment.


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