Friday, 9 December 2016

Gut And Moaning

In the German University of Freiburg, thrifty students had taken to following the practise of "conveyor-belting" ... which is waiting for less thrifty students to put their finished plates on the washing conveyor belt, and then raiding those plates for any edible items they fancied.

Conveyor-Belting ....

This of course meant meals could be very cheap for those 'belters'.

Initially the authorities tolerated these students gobbling up the partially eaten meals, but once the idea caught on, and up to 40 students were practising it, they stepped in and banned it. The grounds for this were hygiene "The leftovers are a hygiene risk. If something happens, the manager would be responsible" ... however hygiene expert Dr Ernst Tabori said that there is little risk, provided the students have healthy immune systems and use clean cutlery (or like sharing your chips/fries on the way home) ... however he thinks sharing soup like foods would pose some risk of passing germs.

Anyway the German students weren't happy, but despite their protestations that they wouldn't make any claim against the university if they fell ill, the ban is not being removed ..... and therein lies the real reason for the ban. Fear of ambulance chasing lawyers sinking their teeth into the universities funds. Its the story of our litigious times.

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