Friday, 2 December 2016

The Colour Of Money

Some left wing researchers and activists reckon we don't have enough Black, LBGT, Women, or anything else apart from White males in western cinema .... Hollywood, they say, should produce more films with height challenged actors, married gay couples, and men who are dressed as women (while they await that final nip and tuck ....), and still get more women into the leading roles.

Pam Grier As 'Foxy Brown' - The New Hollywood Type Of Heroine?

This is all no doubt very worthy, and must make the idiots who wrote the report feel really snuggly and PC'd up when they go to bed ..... but it misses the point of film making. Profit.

Every worthy film made about communist female artists in revolutionary Mexico, may well be right on message and critically acclaimed .... But do you know something .... more often than not, they have low budgets, and more often than not, they lose money.

Yep, nearly every god damn one of them makes a loss, or barely breaks even .... and that why having able bodied heterosexual white male heroes (and villains) are the mainstay of Hollywood (and all the other major film industries follow similar local trends). Men and women will pay good money to be entertained, not to be lectured too. Most people who go to cinema are not in some disabled or 'minority' group, or are just not feeling downtrodden, and want to see someone they can identify with (if only in their imaginations), on the screen.

They don't want some preachy nonsense regarding how white people (especially males) are misogynists and racists, how blacks are all highly moral and intelligent, and how women would rule the world, if not for those same white males. But if they did, then Hollywood would be making exactly those kinds of movies, as they would make big profits. Ironically of course, many black and brown societies are misogynist and male dominated ... but some people don't do irony. 

Nollywood And Bollywood Follow Same Hero Template .....

Oh and by the way, if you look at India's Bollywood, or Africa's Nollywood, what sort of movies do they produce? Oh yes, male dominated, heterosexual, able-bodied Brown or Black skinned heroes ..... why is that not a problem?

Why because that's 'cultural', and therefore not a problem, whereas white film makers obviously don't have any cultural context, so its wrong when they do the same.

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