Friday, 9 December 2016

Harbouring A Grudge

Every one of us feels resentful about someone else at least once in our lives. And I dare-say that some of us have acted upon that resentment, and taken a 'sweet revenge' at a later date, when opportunity arose.

Never Pray For Doug .... Now That's A Christian Grudge For You.

Maybe this is just natural behaviour and even in some cases natural justice of sorts ..... however most of us would find it hard to still be of a vengeful state of mind after 56 years of waiting.

I doubt even if most of us could remember some slight or injury that happened that long ago (when the majority of people would have had to be children to have had this length of revenge wait), but not so American Paul Donovan.

Mr Donovan is apparently not one to forgive or forget .... when he was aged 13 he thought that a then friend, had stolen the equivalent of £230 from his savings box in his bedroom. Unable to prove it at the time, he had none the less an urge to strike back at his enemy of so long ago. However the chance alluded him until the lucky day (for him) when his foe dropped dead.

He was now at the aged Mr Donovan's mercy (He was now 69 years old). So Mr Donovan, of Phoenixville Pennsylvania, over period of time repeatedly vandalised the grave of the dead alleged thief.

Of course he was eventually caught (otherwise no story), and pleaded guilty to all the charges of 'vandalism at a cemetery', but only after explaining to the judge, the reasons why he did it. He was given two years probation by a no doubt somewhat bemused judge. 


  1. Concerned for Dougs soul22 December 2016 at 07:21

    Does anone know what Doug did to attract such ire or is it sadly just an unfortunate tie up between two different statements of content?

    1. Sadly I suspect that it was just a bit of serendipity that it reads this way. They no doubt prayed for Doug. Thanks for the comment.


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