Friday, 2 December 2016

King Of The Swimmers

In the Disney Jungle book animated movie, King Louie is the king of the swingers and a jungle VIP .....

The First King Louie .... King Of The Swingers

In Canada there are no Orang-utans, but there are lots of sea life, so when a giant lobster turned up in a fisherman's lobster pot, it caused quite a stir.

Weighing in at a hefty 23lb (10.4kg) and at 4ft-long (1.2m) the lobster could easily be 100 years old, and was pulled from the water near St Martins, in the province of New Brunswick. It was taken to a temporary residence in the Alma Lobster Shop, where it was nicknamed 'King Louie'.

The New King Louie ..... King Of The Swimmers.

The idea was to auction it off for the pot .... however fate took a hand when Katie Conklin, a vegan outbid everyone else and bought King Louie for 230 Canadian dollars (US$170; £140). She then arranged for King Louie to be returned to the seas to be given  "A happy life for his second chance".

He is now somewhere down below the waves, living his second chance, and hopefully having learnt not to get into wicker baskets ....


  1. Good story.

    The photo however, would seem to contradict King Louie's vitals; I accept that it could have quite a long tail curled around Ms Conklin's hand which may make up the rest of the 1.2M of stated length, but Ms Conklin must also be a weight lifter to be holding "10.4Kg" away from her body with such ease. I just tried it with 10 x 1L bottles of milk and I couldn't hold them in that position for more than a couple of seconds! Ms Conklin, on the other hand, looks like she could pose for another 5 minutes without breaking a sweat!

    Methinks that it was the fisherman who weighed this otherwise impressive catch.

    1. Well no, I'm afraid they are apparently just tougher than you think. There are many links to the story, all with images, and they all confirm weights etc. For example Here and Here

      Perhaps a gym membership for Xmas this year?


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